Karoe Sovie Unveiled.

I am very excited today because I get to introduce a new segment where that features real people and their profiles/interviews. We can only get one person monthly for now. But i am glad to introduce Karoe Sovie Real names Carol Mirembe a Ugandan Artist. Many of you might not know her, but that’s the point. We are going to know her. She has songs like “so fresh”, “Nze ngamba”, “byebimu”….etc.


1: Which international artist do you admire?

Wow! I love tiwa savage.

2: What inspired you to join music?

I have loved music since I was young I have grown up around musicians like Julie mutesasira, so it’s been my passion.

3 .Which of your songs is your favorite?

love of all my songs coz they all tell a different story but one thing is for sure my latest baby “nzengamba with kingsaha it’s speaks a lot about me.

4: If you are not doing music, what do you spend time on?

If I’m not doing music I do gym, I love watching movies, musicand going out with once in a while.

5: How many songs have you released so far?

I have 7tracks out with 5videos and more to be released soon.

6: How do you best describe your style?

I’m simple but classy. I love trying out new staff .and all that credit goes out to my stylist rashidah(shaanz).

7: Worst buy in your closet.

Wedges I’m not a fan and I regret spending my dimes on them

8: Which artist would you collaborate with both locally and internationally?

I have collaborated with the artists I have always admired that’s is ziza bafana who I did with “so fresh and now king saha our is entitled “nzengamba and more coming trust me 👌👌👌

9: What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to all good music because when something is good It’s inevitable but I’m a fan of tiwasavage so I know her every song, I watch her shows , Rihanna and here I listen a lot to king sahaz music he has an amazing voice.

10: How would you like to be remembered?

I would love to be remembered as one of the biggest artists Uganda produced to the world. And best of it all a people’s person (downtoearthkaro)

11: What’s your advise to young artists like you out there?

patience, persistence and hard work is everything you need.everyone has a timing

12: Would you say school groomed you musically?

Probably, but musically church groomed me .I was once in church and sang in the groups.

13: What is your opinion about the music industry in Uganda?

The music industry is growing and it’s improving day by day which gives opportunity to everyone working hard to get way to the top.

14: Where do you see yourself in five years?

I will be one of the biggest brands in Africa.

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