#UgBlogWeek Day 1

“Four schools Four years!” She exclaimed loudly as if it was a crime. Atleast I was never expelled for either academics or disciplinary issues. “I am very sickly”. I said..

I look back now and am actually not sure why I attended seven schools in six years. Yes I was very sickly but I only transferred schools for that reason twice. The rest of the days I was just bored with school. School made me no better trust me.

“So how will you sit for the geography exam when you have never sat in that same class?”….she asked. ‘ I am brilliant’. I said. I had only joined the school and it was senior four already. All the past schools started with paper two and this one had started with paper one so I decided until the final exams I won’t attend class or sit a geography exam. I did this for chemistry too. I hadn’t been to an accounting class in my senior 2 but when I changed school, beginning of term exams required that I sit the exam and I passed. So back to geography….The final exams draw near and I asked Prossy to take me through but since I was never good at discussions, I dropped her after 5 minutes. She was worried.

I sat through paper one like I had been taught all those things I don’t even remember. Glaciers and maps and pictures. Anyway long story short…nga don’t I do guess work on photographic interpretation and map reading and picky pinky ponky on the (where they called objectives oba..) and yes I passed not with a C but a D (well, allow me show off).

My mom was worried especially because I did most of the papers on a mat bexcuse I was too sick to use the table and chair…I passed senior four all the same…my head teacher was also worried because when I wasn’t in the sickbay or home I was one of the most stubborn so I was busy doing punishments. But see what I turned out to be..without the glaciers and Tennessee valley…I wonder how they benefit me now…hmm. I knew every map sketch off head…even when I might never travel to some..School was supposed to teach me public speaking …(maybe) farming (can’t even dig) and my country not North America geography as if Uganda is dead.

18 thoughts on “#UgBlogWeek Day 1

  1. Four years four schools, gwe!!
    some of us did six years one school, if the school had a university that would be more four years of engineering, hehehe believe my parents were that loyal to the school. But fam, you passed. . . ekitibwa kya Mukama.


  2. #NNNN – go back and read that stuff NOW, and you will be surprised how much you actually learnt without realising you did so. Congratulations on the four schools in four years! Not many lived to blog that…


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