#UgBlogWeek Day 2

e3a76a0f761cfc9c18386ed6391a4b3bHandwriting was the worst thing that ever happened to my primary school life. (okay lets say studying)

“UNEB will under mark you for your bad handwriting!”. I got this sermon daily from home and school that the only safest place was my bed when I would be asleep.

So you know around Primary three is when you graduate from pencil to Pen?…hmmm I never graduated.(or was never handed the transcript). I used a Pencil till i realised the teacher will never say it and i was the only one using a pencil meanwhile. (hmmm Katonda ono!,,,) I wrote that bad so I can proudly say computers are the best thing that ever happened to my handwriting. So I perfected the art of my Pencil and fingers until primary six when I choose to buy myself a pen. My friends used to laugh at me (like the teacher wanted) so I could improve but I just didn’t mind them. I only got comfortable till UNEB demanded all of us write exams in pen.

Nothing changed when I got the pen, instead the speed in my fingers got too smooth. (yes, I write as fast as I think. So I type as fast as i think or even faster). The teachers gave up and even UNEB didn’t undermark me. (I still passed).

Then Senior four came, I think my Chemistry teacher just hated me. He spoke of how badly I wrote daily yet I was a girl (I wonder how the connection between handwriting and being a girl came up). But I had already known this and it was not about to change so I stopped minding him.(still UNEB didnt under mark me, I passed).

High school and campus just gave me liberty. I used Pencils unless I was writting exams. till this day unless it’s a formal document, I only use black pens and pencils. It’s the only way one will be able to read or you allow me type.(technology did me good). This handwriting saved me a lot. I never lost books because stealing it would mean returning it to me to question what word it was or sentence.

But Now let me ask, “Handwriting and my life now, how do they connect, what was the fuss about eve?”. I know am a writer but Dah! I understand what i write and if its fo a bigger audience not me it’s typed. Teachers just wanted to make my school days hard.







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