#UgBlogWeek Day 4.

“When she joins secondary school the stubbornness will go, they will beat her into shape and the talking will calm down” my mum often ly said in Vac.( I was the kid that spoke and didn’t even know I spoke that much..I just always have stories and am loud).

Well, I joined senior one at St. Kalemba(not sure how I got to the school even because it’s existence to me wasn’t known). The buildings were too old and we fetched water at a borehole….Day 1: After I was dropped and my family made my bed and said goodbyes, I went to the borehole for water….(I died). I had not in life ever experienced fetching water so it was exciting but challenging. 1st Lesson: Life wasn’t always smooth. I talked to all the students there especially because I was amused we were collecting water at a bore…I was like a mad woman….I carried my water to the gate after an hour of chat with Senior 2 and senior 6  boys (bse the bore was at theit side almost.) I stopped at the gate and Jazzed the askari for another hour….by the time I stopped at my dormitory I was wondering why i hadn’t been in boarding school all my life. I had forgotten a blanket being sickly I used to carry a Duve and blanket….my mom was supposed to bring it next day…Lesson 2: Accommodating people that are nothing like you. Being talkative this was sooo easy. But i don’t recall making close friends in my class because they all didn’t sound mature enough. We just didn’t connect (I didn’t grow up too fast but my brain was another thing..my maturity was peak). I happened to have a cousin in school who was famous for dating the Basketball team captain…aha when dating in school because “Legal” people enjoy (story for another day). Well, all my friends were in higher classes, now u didn’t see how my classmates didn’t literally make me date all the male friends I had including Chairman students council…

My mother returns after two days with a blanket and asks at the gate….”I am looking for my daughter Sharon Atwine Bugingo Senior one”. Before they could direct her to the administration the senior six boys around offered to find me. ” we know her, the stubborn girl who talks alot. We shall bring her”. They were prefects… Lesson 3: When you are down to earth you will enjoy your stay with people.

They found me and first thing on my mom’s lips ” you are not a week old in school and the whole school knows you already!” ( I never noticed the whole school knew me). I told her I didn’t know why I wasn’t just ordinary like the rest.  So I made lots of friends effortlessly, got excused from punishments but not from house work and life came easy…

Second month. Lesson 4: Saving: I was given pocket money and some placed on my account at the bursar’s….first month I had no idea that in boarding school you can drink water unboiled and it’s okay…I had packed more drinks than eats because I drink more and was too active so I had no water by month end..other days it was hectic to carry a bottle so I would buy at the canteen. My teacher spoke to my Cousin and She had to manage mi finances and feeding for a while because she was a candidate..I needed to learn before she left…I didn’t mind the food unless it was sweet potatoes that I didn’t eat…

Mostly I learnt my rights (hahaha) I had a Chemistry teacher that didn’t go below 20 Cains each Tim he was to beat you..He canned me twice and on the third when he asked me to lie down I refused. He tried to hold the back of my head to force me and somehow I blurted out, “I know my rights, I will Sue you”. He looked at this tinny girl and asked if I had a lawyer…hmmm but Growing up needed to have handed me a manual because I was oba what kind of trouble…..The dude calledthreatened to call my mother. I gave him an option if my dad too (no one had ever seen my dad at school…like I smart child I invited my parents ahead of the teacher. So when he reported my mom said ” But ismy daughter the worst in school, she is is trouble but it must be triggered for her to disrespect.”(respect was something I was taught home and was taught it’s not commanded.) My father (am his duplicate) Says “If you can’t handle her we can find a better school but 20 sticks, next time you do it I won’t wit for her to Sue, I will kill you because she isn’t a cow). He gave him lectures about disciplining. The guy never ever touched me again(it was supposed to be a bad thing but it’s what humbled me most for his classes knowing I was ignored)….Lesson 5: the rod isn’t the only way to groom.Silence is golden. Mess with my head you will get results…

Now i know the power of speech as opposed to the Cain. I also know the magic of the rod.

Lesson 6: Responsibility…being independent and knowing my mom won’t always be around to help and my dad to defend me. Taught me how to be responsible. Take care of my own and not abuse the independence. Know when to keep going and when not to. Know when it’s right or wrong. Plan and budget and respect. TIME….speaking of time…I love sleep, but how I used to do those early mornings to go for prep after I have had my bath because I wouldn’t be returning to dorm or will head to my cousins place and wait for normal day to start….I grew up…not on a manual but because I had breath

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