#UgBlogWeek Day 5

b934c4134a8eaedfba92d408e6cee386“lie down, you are making people speak and argue in English”. I was too overwhelmed by his ignorance so i just went down for five. Meanwhile this was my first day at the school. I was a new student hardly an hour after my mother had left. SCHOOL TAUGHT ME ENGLISH!!! Hurray…..Hahaha

I disturbed her a lot, So she said. So she Exiled me in a school deep down in Kasawo(if I hadn’t been brought up by her, I would have said she didn’t like me.) But I understood how hard it was raising Sharon as your daughter, one had to be a parent not just a wife or mother(I salute you my mother). So anyway, she took me to this local school that hardly had buildings. (you guys i was beaten because I made people argue in English. HOW!) till this day I am disturbed.

The teachers spoke in Luganda unless it was during a lesson and it was easy for one to switch from English to Luganda in between the lesson apart from my English and Literature teachers (he was practically the same person). I think his not knowing Luganda also helped. I returned to dorm too shocked to cry I just slept. I refused to attend the night preps for that day. The next morning was for going to class and since I had no uniform I decided to wear sneakers with my casual (that’s what we called the uniform after class). I walk into this half complete room called class with no windows or cement just the bricks, get myself a place at the front and wait. The same guy that beat me for speaking English came to class and asked me to respond to a Math problem in Luganda. (I hahad him). I told him, i never spoke Luganda. After those sticks, I had vowed never to say a Luganda word till I left. I was true to my vow by the way. In other schools people were given bones and beaten for speaking vernacular and mine was the other way round.

I later met the guy on compound and he told the other teachers that i was roo proud. So one turned to me and said,”just because you came from a cool school in Kampala that gives you no rank in this place”….its at this school that i learnt to be big-headed, silent and Solidarity (solida).

I never got chance to speak or learn slang because I was trying to prove a point..My head teacher and English teacher graded my exams mostly from the Oral…They were always boasting of an assured D1 in English my year and literature (which I gladly gave them and I was given a cock in return)…..



2 thoughts on “#UgBlogWeek Day 5

  1. Is Luganda like the generally understood tribe language there in Uganda?
    Wow How could you have kept up with proving your point and not have cracked a bit all through school


    1. If you are new to Uganda you could think luganda is the national language.everyone understands it. Keeping to my word was grace because I was tempted too many times because am talkative but somehow I pulled through because I grew to hate the language and not being a muganda also helped

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