#UgBlogWeek Day 6. Coupling

bc1f03d7818df0c8b27ba35a14b53195Weekends and after night preps were my best days or school. (I am not sure what lesson that was) COUPLING! Oh! Plus those interact outings.

In one of the many schools I attended, girls would leave the prep room 30mins early to be able to use the canteen and go to dorm before the boys. But, girls would delay at the canteen on purpose. (But we coupled. God!). They would have coupled in class but, also don’t want to miss the Goodnight hug so the canteen was a meeting place for the hugs.

In another school, we had a lovers park (anha, you heard me right). It was named by the head teacher and you would hardly see singles. After class and weekends, couples would carry mats and head to the park. A very beautiful, serene place on the hill overlooking the pitch covered in tree canopies and a well-trimmed lawn. Always quiet and clean. All you would hear were whispers and birds singing.

All the schools I attended had weekend TV programs, but being Sharon I hated the girls’ wing because they repeated all the soaps on television. The boys watched action movies so I preferred watching with the boys. We however had a curfew. As soon as it clocked 7pm, all girls at the boys wing would retire, I stayed back on that fateful day because the action had only just started and I was seated next to my couple mate.

Mr Bigalo as we called him (it was a nickname I found and till this day I don’t know his real name) came to see if all girls had left and I was seated at the door leaning against my “other half”. (We called him Bigalo for slapping. He was thorough!) He called me out and said, “Atwine, you are coupling?” (It was like my English names never worked in school only my surnames.) I just smiled as usual because that time I wasn’t just coupling, but watching the movie beyond curfew. The dude couldn’t slap me so the case became a coupling case and being a Muslim school it was punishable by the sharia law 45 sticks of the cane or expulsion.

He reported me to the matron (who I was related to) she had no words so he decided that the sharia court handles it. That meant being caned by the president or the sharia court. I turned to my couple mate and inquired which option was better and we both agreed to expulsion. For the rest of the week our classmates were more worried than we were and when the teacher realised we weren’t bothered he dropped the case. And we now real coupled. When I changed school my weekends were never the same.

Then one day in my new school as my club practiced a dance in the night during prep because time was out and I was late because I was away because I was sick, we were caught. It was a ballroom dance so the boys had to be part of the practice. The deputy got us and said we were coupling and our parents were called after three weeks of committing the crime (that’s how unserious the case was but guy needed to prove a point). My mom came and asked to see the guy they said I coupled with and her response was, “she is stubborn but has taste in guys this one was just a dance practice like she said.” Luckily we were only suspended. But, if there were sticks people “ate” coupling sticks were hot. Jeez! Every Friday assembly was “stick” day.




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