#UgBlogWeek Day 7. SPEECH DAY

That’s what many schools called it. Speech day, but very few speeches were made. At the primary school it was “The Concert Day”. Since concerts normally happened towards the end of the term, let’s close the seven weeks with a concert.

I participated in most of the activities for this day but till this day I wonder why the music teacher never allowed me miss the set piece yet I have Zero talent in vocals (yes! I can’t sing). I used to be at the front line of the folk song, lead actress in the play, traditional dancer and somehow I was never in the mime (now here my voice would never work). For seven good years this was my life but my class only won four times out of the seven. I was always consoled by sports because my colour always came 1st or second.

So anyway, this one day in P7 “His” class was miming queen if my heart…they dressed them in yellow and black and had the mouth piece mic(not sure it’s what they call it. Buts what I have always called it”, they looked so nice like the real artists going for a show in Florida. He knew all the west life songs and on that day they were performing Queen of my Heart. They were going on immediately after our folk song. You should have seen me rush to put off my gomesi, wear the next costume for the traditional dance and run back to watch “Him”.Soon as he got unto the stage, he looked at where I stood and I could read “this is for you” on his lips…wululu…(Yes, like in those high school movies)..

My knees broke…my blood boiling…”He” had not allowed me see him practice throughout this was the only item “he” was performing and it was the best piece for the night. (After them we couldn’t win).I was the lead dancer but I was confused by this time. But as much as we were leading, there performance had been too good to be beaten. “His” stream was announced the best and for me it was more like the same thing. We came second so I still celebrated hugged him and prepared to go home.

I forgot to tell you about the play. You recall Mr Black? That thief we may was looking for? I was Mr black. My mother laughed at seeing me in a suit especially because I enjoyed being a tomboy. The bounce, the language. My mom hardly ever missed a concert because she had to support her Sharon. Somewhere I forgot the lines and because I am Sharon, I created something that would link to the next line so no one noticed apart from the person I spoke to in the play who almost got confused because those were not the lines. Ndeere troupe was training the traditional dances, mimes, folk songs and the play was some old guy whose name I don’t recall and he had told me not to stammer if I forgot the lines. “Oyunganga wo” he said. But i swear the queen of my heart perfomance changed my life. Ho! “He” confused me that much at that age. And “he” was a writer nga walahi we couldn’t survive each other. That’s where my concert ended and started. I didn’t even listen to the head teacher’s speech. Even when they announced winners I celebrated after seeing the people infront screaming… But these school tales hmmm.

@Ugbloc this theme was perfect.

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