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I love that we are embracing the red-carpet fashion.  This statement goes to only those who made effort to look for the perfect outfits. Eh it’s called growth. But also again I don’t understand the women who wore peacock hair. As if not combed, with many colors I honestly don’t get the trend but well like I said we have grown. Yes we have upgraded…so let’s talk UEA. Desire you nailed that red carpet Jeez!. You rocked. (I will let Kikazi talk about the fashion and I want to read about Jessica Kayanja’s outfit)


However I want to ask, Pemba sponsored right? What is wrong with everything this guy lays hand on? What does he even do? Who is he? He bought the Ugandan basketball team formerly known as warriors and they even changed name to Pemba warriors. Now, these guys used to be fire but since Pemba bought them even KIU easily beats them. (Basketball wasn’t the point)


The UEA were Chaos. After people slayed, the ladies made effort to rock the carpet and the gents and then Yeti Alade Acts like she didn’t know why she was on stage. Besides the sound and lights going off, she couldn’t pull off a good performance and ran off stage 30mins after she stepped on. (No wonder she want advertised). Ugandans don’t know any song apart from Johnnie or they don’t enjoy her music let’s say and then she only runs through the chorus to something else. And like the Ugandans I know, they start to walk out hehe.


My point is, these are Ugandan award right?


What would have gone wrong if the nominees also performed?


What would have happened if Pemba had actually paid Maddox (even tickets would have sold out) for the last act or Afrigo?


Did we have to fly in someone without even trying to research how much she is loved and listened to?


Why did Jessica Kayanja have to wait that long for the award as if it was lost?


While still at it my friend Eddie Kenzo comes with a fleet of people to the stage. Would you have missed the award if you had picked it alone? And then you went on quarrelling for awards. By the way Salvado was trashing you but that’s not very important because you are big and he has stale jokes. Salvado we have heard your wig jokes this whole year by the way we are tired, get abit creative. Do something beyond women and sexuality as much as sexuality sales, kindly think outside the box. We won’t pay 100k to listen to the same jokes and those other things you pick up from social media and own. And when you are paid to MC stop and I repeat stop thinking you are doing stand-up comedy. It’s not about you when people pay you.


But Pemba, what was wrong with MC Kats?


Even Maritza can do a very better job.


Anyway back to the awards. These are Ugandan you can consult Abryanz about keeping original and Ugandan. I don’t care if the awards are corrupted but we have talent. Let those artists get awards and also  perform. (Why am I even giving you my ideas?) Let me just say whoever wants to organize something Ugandan like that, should  try and keep Ugandan that way you won’t be confused like that anyway. You have traveled a lot I believe, so pick a tree.


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