7bd32c78cbb4b892ebe5f899c4bdd16dDear child, I fear for you.

In this era of exposure and free will. Too many options that you are not sure which is best. Religion groomed me with a militant mom, I didn’t have television babysitting me because I was playing with other children or by myself. The only time I watched television I was doing cartoons or news with my dad. I played dodge ball, guns, soccer and all the other outdoor games. I didn’t know the PS though my days had it. But this is the point.

My children, I fear for you

Religion groomed me,

TV didn’t babysit me

A militant mom raised me

Yet the rod was never spared

She spanked me but I loved her still

I grew up satisfied

Even when we didn’t have much

My children, I fear for you

Love grew me even though I wasn’t a love child

Community shaped me

Life didn’t offer many options like today

It was either blue or yellow not both

But now, I fear for you

I fear that you have too many options

I fear that TV is defining and shaping your character

I fear that mills and boons is discovering you

I fear that religion has been corrupted

Yet faith hasn’t been preached much

I fear that the rod will ruin you

Your nakedness is too open

Your emptiness is too comforting

Your life is too blank.


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