She asked: Who was your first love mum?

I said (pointing at her father) the love of my life.

He raised his eyes behind the newspapers he read,

Blew a kiss and my eyes became wet with tears.

I still felt the butterflies, when he held my waist

Got worked up when he was coming home from work,

He made me feel like a teenage girl every day.

Sitting across the table

Our feet entangled together

There was no place I wanted to be

Home was where he is.

Drawing her close I whispered,

He was also the man that stole my candy.

We met in high school,

He was kind of shy,

With a sly smile and a black gum.

Beautiful eyes and a body to die for

Our eyes often communicated

We were burning for each other

Until he could say it we burned

We burn everyday till this day.

She smiled and said “I pray you never burnout”

He raised my eyes to him,

He winked and smiled

I said, “The fire has just been lit darling”.

He walked over and I closed my eyes for a kiss

He Said, “Dinner for two 8pm”

I rushed on my feet to find a dress

Settling for the red dress I wore to our first date.

He left ahead of me

I take my time driving and then,

Finally I arrive.

Straightening my dress I walk in

And the look in his eyes,

he wore a familiar look,

Like the one he had when he first saw me.

He proposed, the 2nd time

Once again, I said yes.



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