Her cup had run out. she let her bones crease and cringe in his embrace even when she didn’t want to. After he let her go, she stood staring at the curtains blankly, wondering what had gotten into him. She had stopped to pray and stopped to hope. He searched her eyes for a reaction but he found nothing softer than pain. Her soul was tired and silence had become her.

He didn’t ask but signaled her mother to take her in so she could rest. Her palms defensively rested on her belly as if she was protecting her unborn child, she sat on her bed. Her mother closed the door behind her quick so that she wont have to see the tears in her eyes. She took a deep breath, taking in all the dust left from the quick cleaning that had been done.

Her mother stood in the corridor wondering what HE had done to her. Her angel had turned into someone she didn’t recognize anymore. Thin and tired, she stood. Hugging all he emptiness like it was something to be proud of

Memories of her childhood playing back and for the first time in weeks, she wept. Her mother came running through the door and found her girl weeping at the floor of her bed, before the alter she had created as a child. She held her so tight as if to put her soul back into order and together they wept. cuddling and hugging until, her little girl fell asleep on her shoulder, her faced buried into the wetness of her tears.

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