The Dialogue: TAXI

In a taxi park.

The sun has gone down and people are waiting on a taxi. (Many are discussing, some cursing why the taxis are scarce.

A taxi parks and people enter including two university students Denis and Rachael. The taxi is living the park after it is full.

0n the road

Denis is telling Rachael about a girl he is in love with. (Rachael and Denis stay on the same village and both attend the same university which is in the town and they stay in the outcasts. Mukono)


Rachael (eating popcorn: Did you hand in your coursework in time?

Denis: Yes. I printed from down Lumumba at 100shs because I did not have enough money. By the way did you hear from Claire, have you girls talked?

Racheal (shaking her head): Hmmmm not really. I haven’t seen her since she returned from school and since I go home late. We have not even met at the stream.

Denis: Really? I last saw her last holidays. I really like her but she never has time for me. She is always with Charles.

Rachael: Charles? The tall guy right? I thought he was the boyfriend.

Denis: Exactly my point. She is in love with that fool so much that she hardly recognizes my advancements towards her. I took her out before she went to school last term on just 20,000shs. I even borrowed my grandmother’s jacket just to look good for her

Rachael (laughing so hard, the neighbor on Denis’ left turns head and sighs)

Does your grandmother’s jacket fit? (still laughing). Wasn’t it very feminine?

Denis (sad and a bit ashamed): Nawe, don’t laugh hard. We are the same size with her and perhaps I wanted to look good for the outing.

Rachael still laughing

AT THE DATE(Denis and Claire)

(Denis goes to pick Claire from her home one afternoon and walk to the taxi station)

They sit quietly next to each other and are silent the whole journey but simply holding hands. At the roundabout Denis digs into his pocket and takes out a 10,000shs note that he gives to the conductor. The conductor returns 5000shs instead of 6000shs.

Denis is very furious since he has no money but his pride can’t let him argue with the conductor because he is trying to show Claire he is a perfect man but he is complaining in his mind… they get out ant take a walk to Wandegeya with Claire where they are to eat.

Denis: What would you love?

Claire: Chips and a soda.

(Denis walks to the chips and chicken stalls and pays for chips of three thousand shillings and a soda and the stall man gets them a place to sit. Because they were eating on the same tray Claire didn’t mind much yet Denis’ plan was to save for transport.)

They talk over their meal.

Denis: I really like you,actually i am in love with you Claire: (opens eyes wide)

Denis: Are you dating Charles?

Claire: No, we are only good friends

Denis: I saw him help you carry your jerrycan from the stream the other day and i got jealous. Do you think we stand a chance

Claire: How will you afford to look after me

(Denis stops eating and bows head)

Denis: I am going to work very hard. Even my grandma likes you. She says you are too humble. I am going to do all the odd jobs. However, i will not promise to give you heaven, i promise to make you happy.



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