I wasn’t sure if I used him or he used me. #whatsapptales

I liked him,

He was the talk in town

On every young girls lips

I was hot and young so I availed myself

Paraded my legs in heels

And swayed my hips for him

I wore my best perfume and purchased a new mac red lipstick.

I wanted him so bad

Needed to taste him

Needed to see what was special about him.

My efforts didn’t disappoint.

I finally had him and I was at his house

In his bedroom on his bed.

He didn’t rush, he took his time

Gently ripped my clothes off

Took a trip around my curves and gent got in

He made love to me tenderly

I desired him more. At every bite beneath his breath…

I wasn’t sure if I was the one using him.or he was using me.

It was no 69

I came back next day, and the next and next.

Then he no longer made love to me

It wasn’t a rush no more

He kissed me hard

I missed the little bites

The tour he took,

He tied me to the bed and fucked me

Yes, it was making love no more

Fucked me in the car, on the kitchen table, at the bathroom sink.

He Fucked me till my legs got muscle pulls

Till I couldn’t mourn no more

Till I could not speak.

It was dirty and it ripped me apart.

He teased me no more

It was rush and quick.

He hit my head to the wall

Grabbed me at the window seal till I choked.

(He used me more than I planned to use him)

I am not sure if I am using what’s app or its fucking me.

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