One night Stand

Check 1,2…

he teased my body

that he slay me across his bed with his scent

slowly he plucked uncoordinated codes

causing me to swing and toss to my own moans

then he picked me up

held me adjacent to his body like a guitar

strum the breath out of me

a composition he taught me to sing to

to dance to

and then he carried me to the kitchen table

still steamy and hot

lay me down, with his head in between my thighs

his tongue digging deep into the ice cream.

he wasnt done with me yet.

to the wall he tossed me

till he bent me over the sink for water.

My lover for one night

he wasnt in a hurry,

he knew well how to organise his music

when to play it slow, fast, soul

a soft-spoken gent,

very composed, brown-eyed and tall.

he wore his suit with command,

walked like time obeyed him,

very careful he carried me back

beneath his satin grey sheets,

my body already sizzling

my fingers couldn’t wait to dig deep into his skin

Slowly and very careful not to hurt me

yet too sweet  to increase my greed.

he made me moan,

soft enough like I was humming to Celine Dion

and then a scream for an orgasm

like a stand up ovation.

a job well done, a performance splendid, a song well sang.

I knew these nights just increased.

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