7 days of Xmas(1) #UgBlogWeek

time check, 3am…

why is everyone up?

she crawls out of her bed

tiptoes out of her bedroom

the corridors are dark

and all she has are the walls for direction

a light at the end of the corridor

just behind the door to the living room

soft Xmas carols being sung in whisper

and their they are,

below the bright Tree,

decorated with cotton as fake snow flakes

it smells fresh,

disco lights are dancing

and then her own santa

a ballon mannequin in red and white.

everyone on their knees unwrapping their gifts

gift wrappers cracking as though fire crackers

and then she joins,

her very first christmas president

a small tea cup and saucer.

she was seven years.

Christ3257fab374ab934e385978e3468f9becmas is about love and sharing (mama said)

her heart warm with love

she teared.

she had no dress, but she had a cup,

a cup to dine, to play, to share.

On her kness before the tree she knelt

said a prayer for santa

a prayer for a dress next season

and thanked God for the love. she was just seven.


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