COMING HOME #UgBlogWeek(3)

I sat alone in the single room house

playing some soul and carols

taking to God loudly in my head

wishing i could take the next flight home

christmas passed unknown.

i didnt bake or have dessert

just portage made in my rice cooker.

the day was lonely and the nights were cold.

I stepped out to the bar a few miles

just to share some love in a strange land

i simply sat alone at my table

raised my legs to the sofa,

clung unto my knitted shrug

looked up to the beautiful fireworks

but i wasnt home. It didnt feel like Xmas

their was no fire, no trees, crackers.

just the snow,a penny of love and dull streets

no loud carols playing from the church next door

no family to eat turkey with.


light the tree for i am coming home.



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