When I saw you, I knew it had to be you,

My island had travelled so close to the shores.

My cheek laid to rest in his palms

Eyes piercing straight to my soul he said:

I like you, like very much

I am not asking that you like me back

I know you are a mess

But allow me hold your hand.

Was he serious?

Did he know how much I hurt?

Did he see the brokenness?

Suppose I asked you to be my wife

Better still, please marry me

My heart paused.

My stomach empty and shivering

On one knee he asked

Should I say yes, no?

He is my friend

I like him too

But won’t he break me?

Yes, I said.

I am going to love you hard

Fasten your seatbelt

It’s going to be a fast but safe.

So, see I am a mess

I am broken,

I will be headache many days…

Ssh…he said. I am ready for you.

Hid in every heart, is an answered prayer

You are mine. My prayer and my poison.



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