He was tired of waiting

Almost tired of praying

But that’s all he had, his knees

And bending them every day is what he knew

Waiting is hard he whispered

Tears collecting in his eyes

Fell to his knees and repeatedly said

Lord, I am tired,

On his stomach her lay

Loud moans coming out of him

Echoed by the emptiness of his soul

He was weary and exhausted

His soul was tired, his body was willing

Don’t I say my prayers right?

Am I missing something?

Where have I gone wrong?

We knew he suffered but he never opened up

His petals where like of tulips

Force them open and the beauty is lost

I watched him pray,

I watched him clean up

I watched him eat

I searched his eyes for something

But nothing, they were blank

But his eyelids were swollen

I wondered….

Will he be fine?

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