I should have bought her flowers

not like I didn’t know her love for them,

I thought she was just trying too much.

I ignored her and she didn’t push

I should have held her hand

not because she enjoyed PDA,

but to at least show her I cared

I was proud of her,

those small things count

I should have he given her my time

she never got tired of asking for it

of fixing me into hers even abruptly

but I was made other thins priority

while she mad me her priority

slowly she lost gas and

just like that she stopped trying

I should have taken her to every dance/party

I knew how much she loved to dance

I limited yet I had my fun,

I tried to turn her into everything she wasnt

she bent to every direction I swayed her

she never for once argued.

Now that she is with him,

I have never seen a brighter face

he does everything I should have done

he is a better man than me

he found her empty,

but has filled her

I cant say I wish

when I had her, I didn’t do better

now she is dancing with another man

to the rhythm of his heart beat,

to the sound of his tenderness

to the strumming of his fingers.

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