Sexual Harrasment!

I was shopping with my 16-year-old son downtown. He needed a few things so we went to Owino looking. from the entrance, I was called all sorts of names from the stall owners. Darlings, baby, auntie…and they kept grabbing my hand each time. Auntie come and see dresses.

Well, I got the things i wanted at the end of the day and believe me if we got disease from being touched without approval, yesterday i would have been on my death-bed. I have never felt so much filth. Well, we decided to pass by the park yard, A man playing matatu in the corridor grabbed my hand so hard that it hurt and refused to let go. I raised my hand in attempt of a slap and he quickly got to his fit. “you want to sleep me?how?who are you?just because i touched you?” … Me puzzled i collect my jaw and tell him that’s sexual harassment. You can’t grab me, call me baby and sexy in one sentence as if i am yours or some toy…”gwe asose?” he adds (asking if i am the first woman he has done that to.) In my Shock and my son looking on i grabbed his hand and turned to leave. He calls out, Sexual harrasment, so suppose i got you rapped what would that be?

My question is…who tells these men that women are property? That females don’t have a right to walk about freely, that men can just grab and toss and say whatever they want?

On the other hand I feel like my president is too Soft. In Kigali, Kagame would not let such a man stay on the streets, he has become an animal and needs to be locked up. You cant be treating females like they don’t matter. No wonder i never let my girls walk alone down town. I always imagine what those animals will do with them. Tapping their asses and breasts and grabbing them. Just that my boy was silent whole time, i wonder what was going on in his head the whole time. Government worries  about condoms more than sanitaries, yet the girl child and females need much more to life than have men like that. Anyways in another world, if i had a gun, that gy and many more would have been long dead. maybe then, just maybe then, men like him will humble themselves.

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