Grandpa’s Hands (2016 last post)


She carried a small green tin and called me out

“these are late Grandpa’s hands”, she said

(it was a tin full of coins)

he said he bought his land at 6/=

(meanwhile they are like 20 acres)

well, that’s not the point.

Grandpa was a giver,

“500/= for each one of you.

thanks for coming to see me”

this was money given to him by your parents but he still shared.

Grandpa’s hands,did all the hard work
Clapped in church on Sunday morning,
Grandpa’s hands played the soothed the broken heart
Grandpa’s hands used to issue out a warning

Every christmas was village time

(even when i didnt go, my coins arrived)

Grandpa had a big heart.

i hope my kids will enjoy Grandpa’s care like i did.

Its Christmas time,

a season to love and share

bless someone this season.


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