Fashion blogger Nominees

So, I took time today to look at the Ugandan blog list that was taken to the AFSA’s. (you know that ABRYANZ thing?). For a while I wondered what the criteria was especially after I once took on a campaign to nominate a very cool fashion blogger(my opinion anyway). The campaign went quite well, but I wasnt exactly heart-broken when she didn’t go through, I was wondering how it happens so i can get back to it the other year. I even promised myself to rock that red carpet(i havent done this. maybe because it’s not really my thing).Anyway back to point.

Today I visited Mugume Canary’s blog post and I was not exactly disappointed(tying not to sound rude). the content was old and am not sure what to call it. So I wondered is it because he was already in the spotlight as a model?

I then went to Gloria Haguma’s blog. (Now this blog I have searched for ages) because I know she is a very good writer and is passionate about fashion. but the blog doesn’t give vibe of an award-winning fashionista. (but well my opinion still)

I moved to Grace Nafuna, and all searches brought “blog has been removed” (someone help send me a link please).

Samson Baranga, now this blog was once very active, I follow it till this day. what happened I do not know. but Just like Haguma’s these are blogs I expect to be holding a flag amongst fashion bloggers (but that’s just my expectation)

Truth is I don’t know criteria like I said but Kibulamu.

Happy New Year!

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