Ultimatums after ultimatums.

respect that groomed fear.

A battlefield of love.

She stood by the plant,

plucking petals everyday

“he loves me, he love me not” she sang.

Always second guessing her position.

She was never prioritized but she stayed.

He came in and wiped his feet,

cleansed his bruised ego,

satisfied his sexuality,

and left her hugging her knees each time.

Tears created gullies on her cheeks,

she stayed very hopeful

he said he loved her,always

yeah, he repeated it over again,

she waited as her heart melted

the fire burned

the smoke took over

and once there was nothing left for her but

just smoke and tears covering the sunlight in her eyes

No emotion,no pain,no tears

just emptiness.

She carried a cemetery of her love,

relocated it to singleness

her stale read,

“Their was once something special here, now a tainted image of self. Shifted to a land of loneliness, a place that feels accepting. It was love Estranged.”53585585-cms






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