He was married but so was she,but they just couldn’t get enough of each other he drove miles every week to go see her yet his wife starve.She needed more time with him but he was busy giving it to another. His children started to see and know less of him. They were childhood sweethearts who fell out because one gave more than they received. He wanted to have fun for sometime while she felt too ready. She had settled for a man she didn’t love but was attracted to and he loved her deeply but her heart was stuck with him.

They met again at the grocery shop. He was coming in as she left and  just like the first time, her heart lost balance, her knees weakened. She wasnt scared to let him in because she missed him. He said nothing but simply tossed his phone to her and she typed in her number and left. She had just relocated to the country into the same state and slowly they begun. Once again she fell in love (or she had been here her life) just that it was now a different geographical location.They both blindly risked the happiness of their spouses just to be in each others arms once again.

He texted her the next day …”care to join me for tea at the cafe on 4th street?”. She had never been fast responding to a tea date like this time. “6pm. today”. She picked out her blue skinny jeans a flattering peach blouse and peach wedges. She hadn’t even made effort for her husband before. He stomach rumbled like she was sixteen again.

She found him waiting. He stood up t0 receive her, confused on a hug or handshake. He dived in for a hug and for a while they stood there in each others arms. She Whispered “this is what home feels like” he said…”i missed home”.


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