The evening passed away unnoticed. they held hands as they walked down the street and laughed loud. They Suddenly stopped. He held her face in his palms looked deep in her eyes like he was searching for her heart. He saw the same girl and the same fire. And then saw a little sadness and its at that point that he forgot he was married. he drew her in for a kiss and without hesitation she kissed him back. When they pulled apart, they both didn’t feel guilty. She drew closer in his embrace and later sat down at the pavement.

“I don’t want to go back to my house”, she said. It only turned out to be a house while I thought it would be home. Now, i have found home and i want to stay. She added. He looked at her then to her marital band and then down to his. “we both have different lives now that we vowed to stay with” he said. But today i realise i made a mistake letting you go. he added. They both went silent stood up and walked back to their cars and drove back to their spouses.

He didn’t sleep. He kept tossing and turning and by morning he had taken off his ring because he was now sure he had lied to himself for four years. He thought about his two bundles of joy and imagined if only they had been with Cate and not with his wife Stella. They kept texting the whole day. Cate worked at home while her Liam husband was a lawyer so he spent most of his time away from home. Drew was a CEO of Elle magazine while his wife Stella was a house broker. He sent her texts whole day and the tea was only a start for late evenings with Cate with excuses that they were both meeting clients.

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