four nights down and they couldnt control it anymore. Cate refused to join her husband on vaction because she couldnt stand  days without seeing Drew. Liam left for sychelles alone while cate stayed back. Now the house was free for she had no kids to babysit so they met at the house. Liam was meant to be gone for two weeks but because he was all by himself he cut his trip short to a week. He didnt tell Cate he would be coming home soon, he wanted to surprise her.

Drew came by like any other Evening. Cate made vegetable rice and chicken soup. They sat down infront of the Television set. She spread out a rug, laid the food with  glasses of White wine and they ate as they watched “the note book”. Time went by unnoticed as usual and the wine started to sink in. They cuddled, kissed and made out. Drew returned home so late. “I was calling your line in vain what happened?” stella inquired in a worried tone. I just got caught up by a few things. i am now here.”. He reluctantly placed a kiss on her lips and walked to the fridge .

Stella went upstairs and tucked her children in and headed to bed. She was exhausted already. he joined her after thirty minutes. He walked in and took a shower while she pretended she was asleep. he slipped in close to her and soon as he switched the lights off, her eyes opened. His arm wrapped around her, she could still smell the scent of another woman on him. she drowned herself in thought while she stared down at him.

Liam came in and found his living room looking like someone had been having a home date and not alone. He walked into their bedroom and found her laying very naked in deep sleep. “looks like someone had fun”,he thought. he went in and cleaned up and joined her. With her eyes closed she whispered “why did you take so long to hold me Drew, i was cold…..


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