He lay still in silence till morning. She woke up to Liam’s kiss. With her eyes still closed, she mumbled, “sorry i made you spend the night.” her eyes opened and Liam was staring down at her. With tears in his eyes. He feared his initution had been true. He left the bed and walked out to the kitchen. Made coffee and sat down at the kitchen table in silence. Cate came running down to explain but he wasnt ready to hear it. Atleast not yet. Honey, i made you some coffee. lets just pretend i didnt hear a Drew this morning. So i got bored and decided to come home to my wife and surprise her, he said getting up to hug her. Cate had no heart at this point. she wasnt sure what to expect but she palyed along. He got her the necklace he had purchased for her and just like that, life went on. He didnt ask about it even after weeks and Cate was worried. She tried to text Drew but he hadnt responded and she wondered what was wrong with him. He didnt even return her calls.

Stella had gone through his phone and read throught all their chat. Confronted Drew who was sorry but not exactly ashamed that it had happened. But he had tried to first allow the situation cool before him and cate resume. he finally respons after a week. cate had mention the Liam incident, he told her about stella and they both agreed to first sort out their marriages but that wasnt going to work because Cate was pregnant and Liam knew it wasnt his. Drew’s daughter Shanice was diagonaised with cancer and he therefore spent alot of time in hospital.

Cate:”i am pregnant and am afraid its not for my husband….”

Drew: Omg, what are we going to do. do you want to keep it?

Cate: what kind of question is that?

Drew: I am sorry. Shanice is hospitalised so i am not thinking straight.

Cate: Omg, what happened

Drew: Lukemia..

Cate: where are you, which hospital i could pass by

Drew:  Stella is here. it would get weird. Back to the child. Please keep it.

Cate: okay: lets chat later.

Liam had connected her lines to his so he read the whole conversation, His heart melted from the safest place he believed would never catch a fire. While de drove back home, he got an accident he tried to dodge bulls crossing and the car over turned. Cate was called from the emergency room. She drove praying and wishing he wasnt dead and promising God she wouldnt cheat again. she blamed herself. While she drove a text came in from Drew “i am afraid we lost shanice.” she parked by the road to breathe. How could this all be happening at once? she tried to scream but the tears had clogged her throat. She knelt down besides her car and then she remembered her husband. she got back into the car and drove to the hospital. She was directed to where he was.

“i am sorry honey, for cheating, for abandoning you for everything i am sorry please dont leave me now”.

Liam bit his teeth and adjusted himself. Held her hand and said “I cant give up without a fight. I cant be that weak. You have me.”

She stayed in hospital and forgot to text or call drew to see how he was holding up. She didnt even attend the Funeral. Liam was Discharged after a week. She got through to Drew who wanted to meet up but she couldnt because she was sick. She miscarried. The pressure and panic in the last week couldnt hold the baby in.

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