“Man of God Era

forcing petals to open will only cause severe damage to the flower

So i once almost drowned in this Era. Those about to take offence brace yourselves so anyway, this is what i want to say. He came home and talked about his church and his prophet, pastor, Father,  God well the man who heads the ministry. He spoke with so much passion that before he said the name, ever sentence had ‘Man of God’. The man of God said i shouldnt go……

Him: The man of God sent me for late grandpa’s Shirt

Me: what for

Him: prayers

Me: what is the relevance. I think its not right atleast question

Him: they dont question the man of God

Just before i could add another word he said “by the way you cant talk about the man of God. He can hear you and see you from any where”.

That was the very first time. I didnt think the era would grow into something i dont understand. And i must say i am a coward. When i dont understand something or the answers to my questions are vague, i hold my peace, stay away from it, watch in silence till maybe i get an idea. In this case i still dont understand it. I can understand when you say you are trying to tap into the anointing of “the man of God”  because its a place of submission. But one thing i have FAILED to UNDERSTAND is the glory we men give to these men of God that lead us. We give them credit that is meant to be for God. I dont know if we do this ignorantly or we actually know we are. God is a constant, And why he is a Jealous God is because he cant share his glory but banange sometimes i am troubled when i listen to people.

I as a person try hard to avoid religious debates with people for reasons best known to me but on the few occasions i do and people drag their spiritual fathers, pastors, bishops, reverands…I shut my big mouth and simply agree because thats not a debate i can handle like i said, I am a coward. Anyway how do you argue with a person who worships their pastor? i dont know if this is also part of idol worship but anyway…

And they have done a good job poisoning the youth especially the high school and college. Then us women who have endless problems..hmmm. My dear if you expect to always be prayed for while you keep silent, dont know how to seek God on your own and always need a man or God, Think without your Head nothing will work out fine…Better study the word more,Go on your knees ask the holy spirit to teach you and also ask for the spirit of discernment. Otherwise your church head will ask you to eat grass and because you didnt understand submission well and you are desperate, you will feed on it like a goat

Whose report do you believe?

whose word do you trust more?

and some of these men of God should simply just stop misleading flock. If the worship they get from their flock isnt enough they owe them atleast some truths.

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