Nothing But A Rug


Her heart held in her palms

she had trusted him to keep it

but he took it, toiled over it

and after it was wounded and bleeding

he gave it right back

he didn’t care how dirty her safe was

he just threw it down

where she picked it up

and wished she could throw it away


She had suffocated enough

was tired of crying

tired of being wounded

It’s then that she told him.

you came with a fire

a candle that gave me hope

you held my hand and taught me to fight

yesterday wasnt bright

but yesterday had hope

I was gaining strength

and then…..


you took away everything i had

everything that was left

you advertised my nakedness

embarrassed me before the world

you made me thirst and hunger

with promises to feed me

then you let me drown in hunger

I wasnt just famished.

I burned.

Now, see all that is left

is a shadow of who I used to be

I lay pale at my grave

my face buried to the ground

mourning another “used to be”

grieving about the place I called home

mama warned me about wearing my heart on a sleeve

but I didn’t see the point until

this day

My heart is nothing But a Rug.

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