Love Letters-3

Dear Cupid,

You know how I love handwritten love letter, teas, smell of coffee and the smell of dusty old books…i hear some people use the word rustic not sure what they mean. Well, i hadn’t planned on a cold love month. In fact i cleaned out my closet because weather forecasters said there will be no rains till march. They lied. I am here at my work desk freezing. (thank God i wore tights) but even the tea i made didn’t seem to keep me warm nor did the cup of coffee.

I sit legs crossed under my desk while i try not to expose my fingers very much to the cold. (eissh i wonder what would have become of me if i were to be born in  winter country). I hate cold and well, Boo (the word i hate to use finally come out). He is far, i cant carry him to my office anyway so, while u bless me with gifts this season, Kindly think around sweaters,boots,trench coats, scarfs, gloves and coffee because i will need that very much this season…ooh and good books i can cuddle with on saturday mornings in your absence.




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