Love Letters-6

Why i write

I write at 7am when i wake up

beacause i miss you

because i am greatful for a new day

because the sun woke me up

because it nolonger feels empty inside

I wite at 10am

because I am thinking about you

I have talked to God about you

because I am loving you

Why I write at 6pm

because I am happy

I am thankful

I am thoughtful

maybe missing you

because that’s the time for poets

whose words wont rest

because my mind is alive with words.

Why I write at 2am

it’s because this time of the night knows all my secrets

so I write now, not because i am lonely,

drunk or missing

but because I love to love

and expect nothing

because you built a home within me that was missing

because you taught me, its important to be loved

because right now am drowning in your love

I feel it in my toes even in your absence

I write puzzledlines because its 13:53pm

I write mostly because,


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