Love Letters-7

Twisting of Passion

You were still my favorite person until the truth got more blurry than the lies. I am trying very hard to believe you or even pay attention to the things you do. But How can I love someone i don’t trust one single bit, you ask. Why am i still around you say under your breath?

Well, i can’t act like i never did or never once trusted you with a gun pointed right to my heart. I cant pretend i passed by because you were at one point my weakness. So this is why, I am simply twisting the passion. From a love to a friend. Not a friend i would trust with my life but one who knows all my secrets even when we don’t often speak.A friend who knows my heart by name even if it stopped to pump blood. Yes, i am zoning you, because i still love you but the plot twisted, the book changed. You rewrote it all in your favor. You are very selfish for a partner.

Underestimate me,(that’s your choice) but that will be fun. But know that we all eat lies when our hearts are hungry. We all try not to care because love covers all sin but until the veil of feigning ignorance is broken. Our partners are the best things ever. So valentines is around the corner but guess what, this time round I prefer my mother to the flowers, my girls to the beautiful scent and me to you. Because my home needs some bit of loving, more than it ever received while i closed it out to only you.

goodbye my friend


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