Love Letters-8

My lover, looks at me in a way no one has ever done.

Like he wants my fears and pains transfered to him…
His stare goes deep down my intestines
He reads my soul out in a love alphabet
Like am that baby whose amblicord hasn’t fallen.

My lover’s touch like a feather teasing my skin

He says nothing yet everything

His love speaks louder than is kisses

He lifted me off the ground yesterday

Like he was picking flowers for his bride

Softly placed me on the coffee table

Peeled my little lavender dress off

His kisses…his breath against my skin

Sent me into silent musical mourns

And my body wiggling like he was strumming a Spanish guitar

Down to my stomach he went

His fingers tickling my hard nipples

My lover, makes me shiver

He causes me to have goosebumps

Softly he went down

His breath against my inner upper thigh

As if sniffing in the scent of my flower

Trying not to make sure he never forgets,

Causing me to want him more

I raised my toes to his waist

Separated his legs with my foot

I could feel how stiff how manhood had become

I closed my eyes expectantly

My lover, he is a very patient man

Slowly he cleaned the bowl he was about to feed in with his tongue

Faster and faster he cleaned

And soon the food was ready

He was too famished and just dug in

Thrusting hard and fast

Yet careful not to hurt

I played my music louder

In a faster temple

I leaned in grasping my waist hard

Stopping all my belly shake

He slowly and tenderly slowed pace

He was as happy as I


My lover is a man of manners

He caressed this body of mine

Thanking me for dinning with him

Placed my thighs together

Lifted me to the bed and lay beside me

My body still in his embrace

And drowning in kisses

He whispered under his breath

“We need to wash the dishes and keep the food warm. I will be hungry soon”

My lover, makes love to me like the 1st time

My lover, holds me like am his most treasured possession

My lover, still looks at me like its the first time.

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