Love Letters-9


Dear you,

I do really feel low today. I feel empty yet i seem not to leave. Holding on only ruined me further. I have grown bitter and spiteful. I trusted him so much but then i cant explain what happened to the trust. I cant love him again like before,mabe i am still angry but i promise, it feels so empty in here. I have cried my eyelids swollen, socked my pillow in tears lost weight even when my apetite is still soaring. I am depressed and very frustrated.

He said it was nothing, i was still far better than her but yet continued to praise her like she was a sexual goddess. She replaced me in his life hot his heart but even then…..As much as i would like to forgive him, i am still very bitter. I am broken and let down. It all happened so fast, i saw my world crumbling before my eyes, my heart bleeding in my palms and my hope lost to my knees. You must be wondering how so much love can turn into so much hatred. Well, i didnt think it could but because i held on, tried talking it out and kept trusting i guess. The Brokenness could have never left me on my feet. Now, i lay down on my bed,staring at our picture in the frame by my bedside and whisper baby girl, its going to hurt for a long time but keep faith. Once a glass breaks it becomes pieces of glass and normally ends up at the rubbish pit. If collected, they only become memories not a Glass.



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