Love Letters-10

You are the fire in me

Dear you,

My energy, my hope my strength my fire! How are you doing. the past few nights have been long. I cant wait to have you back home. Yesterday i tossed and turned early morning wondering why i felt so lazy to prep for work then i realised. My Rockboom(energy) is absent. I almost cried realising i couldnt twist and turn over to your side for a kiss and cuddle before i fully woke up.

When you are away my nights are cold,my days are long and my fire is out. Coming home to an empty house and just echoes of my thoughts bouncing back, is very anonying and tiring. I cant wait to have you back for you are my fire.

I was thinking abount the word “Consummate” and i was wondering, what consummates a marriage or relationship. Is it the vows or the Sex?

If its the sex, does that count for unmarried(church wedded) sexual partners and what happens when u consummated and the other cheated?

see whayt my head thinks when you are away, come home



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