Love Letter-11

Dear you,

I am listening to Nerea by Sauti Sol and I am painting pictures of you telling me not to trouble with “our pregnancy” and putting them in motion of you singing. Basically i miss having you around. Come home soon.

Anyway, I was thinking about the day i fell in love with you. It wasnt at first sight per say but i did fall in love on that night when you rushed over to my place (remember?). I called you while you were on your way home from the Disco at 3am, and you quickly changed direction. I thought you were high and really didn’t want to go home that early, but it meant a lot that you would abandon your few hours of Wednesday sleep to come find out why i sounded low on phone. That night i placed 2 plastic chairs out at my balcony and sat down waiting for you. I wanted to sip some wine but my emotions were all over the place i just needed a Hard disc i could download and transfer everything to.

I fell in love the night you patiently sat down with me, watched the blank sky with me and patiently listened to my fears, worries, messes and joys all in one at 4am. You made me feel not only lighter but like I had the whole world in my palms and everything under control. You watched me cry and didn’t even stop me for a second but simply encouraged me to cry it all while you let me wipe them with your shirt.

From that day on, I have fallen in love each time and moment with you. Each time we fight, gossip, laugh, cry, hurt, play, scream…i fall in love again. I love you better daily. But that night at 4am, will always be one special night.




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