Love Letters-15

She was fierce.

walked about with confidence of a possessed

like she wore a fire fence over her head.

I stared deep into her eyes

they were blank.

she walked out and returned with him

the man who broke her heart.

the man she loved most

she wasnt willing to give him up.

They sat down to tea

and for the first time in a month she spoke

If I can’t have you, neither will she

he stared blankly at her

like he was searching for something

like he had kept something hidden in her chest

she drew in for a hug

and said

“baby this is home”

he stood still and for the first time

I saw his tears.

I wasnt sure which they were, joy or hurt?

he still didn’t move.

as soon as she let go

he ran off, like he had seen a ghost

and when he stopped, he fell on his knees

and let out a very loud scream

its then that I knew,

they hurt each other so bad.

he wasnt sure it could be mended

he had grown so weak,

he didn’t know how to start over

she slowly took her seat

murmured a prayer

and got up.

she walked home in silence

the rains fell,but she didn’t feel them

I tried to pull her away into a shelter

she resisted.

Its been another month and she hasn’t said a word.

I havent heard from him either

all she does is wake up and stare in silence.

apart of her died

apart of her left

apart of her is burried.


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