Love Letters-17


So,(who starts a sentence with so even).

She broke down in mukono and I could only push her till bweyogerere. I wondered what had happened to her all over a sudden. I safely managed to park on the side and opened the bonnet. I actually thought its something I can fix by myself. Well I tried to caress her and sweet talk her to start all over again but she just wouldn’t light up again. She was gloomy and pale. Her bulb had blown. I sat in misery. Contemplating on leaving her as I jump unto another but she wasn’t safe.

I called him and he sent “him” (the mechanic). I sat for another hour waiting on him to arrive and when he did I didn’t even take my eyes off my phone. I told him what happened and pointed him to where the key was. He placed his bagbin the passenger seat while I moved to the back seat. He took his time and fondled her, caressed her, loved her but non of it turned her on. I looked at the mechanic from the corner of my eye and he wore a greasy blue jacket.He was dark skinned. But I still paid little attention. After another two hours, she had no arousal so I decided to step out and ask…Wow!……he was 5:8ft tall, muscular, you could not easily tell he had been visiting the gym. He raised his head to look at me and I felt the middle of my legs letting me down. I quickly backed off into the car. Thinking… Thinking and imagining…..well he was different from my mister, whose belly had carried a pregnancy for more than 2 years and he just refused to deliver. It was like a hump during our love making sessions so we had to look for options that worked for our pregnancy condition. It was now darker and the cars where reducing (don’t ask me why I didn’t leave her with him when her arrived). About 11pm, he walks to my side and tells me he was done and we were good to go. Well, I think you should drive. I said.

He obliged since we were taking same direction. He kept stealing glances of me at the back and well,I was starved. So I requested he stopped somewhere so I could pick up something to eat. When he did, he took off his greasy coat, exposing his body. He had nothing but a vest beneath. Pulled a shirt from his backpack and walked into the supermarket to get me a snack. I watched him walk away and walk back. He wore a beautiful smile as he handed the juice and cookies over to me. Pulled his shirt off, exposing his worked on arms. I looked into his eyes and thought…why not…

So, I changed my mind. Would you like to share with me, I asked. He smiled. Or would you like to have some of this, exposing my thighs in my short skirt. He drove silently to a darker place and stopped. “I think I’d love to have both”. He said. I broke my sit at the back…..

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