So, I am not exactly outgoing so this kind of event wouldn’t be one I choose to go to by my self. But mine&mine enjoys and what would it be if the support system died. Well, I used to be then…..I retired. Now, you should have seen my the village in me…these Kampala girls don’t dress anymore!. No wonder my boda guy says women these days are “cold”. These women be naked. Chai!!

Anyway, I was overwhelmed by the cameras glad I had a cap (my days before retirement taught me some basics). Media photographers, bloggers, wannabe photographers,smart phones… this is a snapchat thing this is going live on Facebook (actually everyone believes they can have a reality show with all these social media video things)…Mbwenu…
And then I took a cocktail that I thought was fruit kumbe waragi. (My village isn’t close basically)


The Fashion
Kampalanians will never allow to be out of vogue (Do fashionistas still even use the word vogue?). These guys Dress! Hallelujah!. Shorts, sneakers, bikinis disguised, baby clothes, underwear with throw on shrugs…print and shorts for the men has become another thing . Even those with steel pole-legs (My friend Julian says they need to dress whatever because the right legs wont come over night). But well, at least they find it easy dressing up unlike women.
Some ladies are too FAT yes I said it. FAT and they refuse to dress what suits their bodies. Because they need to be at such events. One babe I spotted, got pieces of print and chiffon to make her outfit work and it somehow survived.Only that all the love handles were hanging (mpozi we call it being comfy in our skins. Ono Nedda). I know she won’t grow small in a day but it’s why fashionistas say ” understand your body and dress accordingly. But sadly after the alcohol set in, the cloth tore, I am not sure how even, so she made notes tho cover up.

The food
Smoke everywhere. Chicken, beef, pork. My best part of the day I guess other than gazing at what people were dressed in. Truth is these Mchomo guys knew what they were doing. Dear Mchomo guys next time kindly add Kachumbari to all this. its okay to chase away the ice-cream guys, it wasnt that sweet after all. We need more meat yes, and Cocktail Juice, I sipped my friends alcohol because it looked like melon blended with carrots and oranges.

The music
Ahem…That dude whose name I didn’t get, but the one that need the opening covers, he had a Rastafarian scarf thrown over his shoulders, he is good i must say. And that babe Mercy i think she was part of the Duo before Benon came up. She actually backed him as well, aanha…that one don’t keep her backing for long, she has got talent. Then that guy they accused of refusing a collabo with Elephant man as well…even when i didnt understand his language much.

Now Dear team…sorry this one i recall the name Zoolander (Uganda has artist people. A new one daily) He is good but still confused on whether Bebecool or Rebadaba works best for his inspiration. Dude decide already or be of your own blended brand because you are goo. the performance was on point.

Vamposs and Benon

So Benon, why exactly aren’t you releasing more music, truthfully I mostly attended because Jeez i love your music. And your brother from another mother Vampino is like a salad, you guys rock. My evening was done after you guys. My dear beer and his leggings underneath shorts we expected much more. Dizzy nuts come again next time.

and oh, please find another place around town Jahazi is Far, just that Ugandans we love excuse to party but being a sunday and the distance and next day being a monday,think about it. All in all, I think i like the concept. Live music under the armpit of a loved one, and nice way to chill sunday evening, bonding time for some people. I like. I hope i can come back again.



Photo Credit:Daron

8 thoughts on “Roast&Rhyme

  1. This a commentary from a ‘village girl’ attending a town-event, you couldn’t take it all in I know. I know, but you will be fine, soon! This is a good review and some recommendation to take in for both the attendees and the Organizers.
    Though I think this a muzungu target-market event, [my thoughts] I mean are you sure you were the target market, people sitting as if a picnic on their mats, drinking and all, does this look local to you? [They are somethings I don’t attend because they appreciate more foreign culture than my culture!] And it’s a problem eating up our culture up, slowly but surely, soon we shall all stop going for local cultural dances events (if we didn’t even stop already) and other local events because we are now turned into muzungu people. Anyway this in my perspective. See you at Bayimba 2017 come ready for kadongo kamu.

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    1. I was actually oppressed. And I side with you, the culture is too mzungu that we are forgetting to be ourselves and think we are kardashians of some kind. We have even left morals behind and think its trend. Anyways….Bayimba 2017 why not. I hope we have Justine Nantume at kadongo kamu stage

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