I’m Not Okay!


I’m not okay
I have simply mastered the art
The art of smiling when my heart aches,
The art of holding my head high,
Simply to give hope to those around me,
The art of not shedding tears in public
Not because I am strong
I am a coward
I am not okay
I am empty
I am broken
I am a mess

She lay down on my laps
For once she allowed her tears to freely flow
She sniffed and coughed
She choked under her breath
She said:

See, it all happened too fast. And now I have nothing left but only to believe.
See, sometimes I need a hug but am afraid they will ask if I am okay
I’ll respond yes I am even when my veins are crashing.
I have mastered the art of walking through fire
See, sometimes I want to scream and live a little
But they will always ask, why? Or wonder if am fine.
I can’t express myself freely because society has shaped that part of me.
See, sometimes I want to play in the rain
Not because I missed a step, it makes me feel alive
But I have been locked down in this shadow am trying to break free from.
I am trying to learn how to live again.
Its only right here that I don’t feel judged
Allow me soak your shoulder in tears
Allow me scream in your presence
Allow my test drive my wings
Because its only in this compound that I feel alive

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