Who is the owner of the motor bike that the men/man who killed Felix used? Was it the same bike that was used in Kigunddu’s murder? And that madam that was shot at, at the market with her kids watching…anha joan is her name she came before Kirya anyway I think the Ghost rider owns so many in town and parks them at the cemetery after every target then waits for the day to pass and when night falls, he is back on the road. Does the Watch man at the cemetery know him or he is a Ghost too? Does the Ghost Rider even have a list because…. So if the Ghost rider is alive, does that mean those arrested are actually innocent because i mean, unless you are part of the prison break cast,there’s no way you are in prison and free same time. Speaking of Prison Break i Can’t Kent CANT wait for April. But well, even if the ghost rider was normal during day and bad news in the night. They attached it to religion, but well, the list sounds not religion bent to me. It Seems Like Teabag actually was arrested for a reason, isn’t that why he has no hand in the movie?. The only innocent man could be Lincoln which i doubt because, you don’t allow to break out of Prison when you are a church boy yet you can hire Olivia Pope really! Even Scofield’s girlfriend seems too innocent, you can’t be a doctor that treats Convicts that have escaped and stay lip sealed and say you don’t need prison. Olivia would put you in prison for helping the convicts escape and then the best way to come out by law you would need Harvey,Micheal Ross and Jessica or become a Break out king…What am i even saying back to the ghost rider.

So the Rider is a good film actor, he spots prey during day.Now, he transforms into a fiery, avenging agent of justice(oba injustice because murder is a sin)at night wherever evil roams (difference is, this Ghost Rider murders in broad day light.he must love his sleep). This dude rides through the district like he is the governor in charge. His helmet with fire and a bike that leaves marks. You basically know he visited the city that night because you all wake up to a dark cloud, road blocks and press trying to find out who, what, when,why, how, which….As the only one who can walk in both worlds, Ghost Rider is led by Ghost-unknown, a demon that wants to overthrow the unknown and create a worse hell than the one that currently exists. Does Ghost rider know God even or Rider lives for money and blood. Speaking of Blood, Is Ghost rider a Vampire too (palms face) because seems that’s all he feeds on. So What is Ghost’s story? What happened to the law and scripture and Grace? Ghost was raised badly not to know the sixth commandment. Thou shall never kill. Even Nick Caffrey and his best friend Mouse know how best to find the Ghost rider you people! It breaks my heart. hmm . Do we need to Hire Annalise Keating and her firm really when we have Olivia pope and her team ….oh they all do well covering up. Nick Caffrey, Mouse,Judge Judy and Alex Parrish is all we need but payment terms hmm well the team wont be complete with poor media coverage we shall need Lee child on this one.  If he can find fake lost art pieces, he surely can’t fail on this. And Chaka demus and Pliers sound good for a radiao bulletin.

Soo these are my questions:

1: Who is Ghost

2:Who is the Ghost rider?

3: Why hasn’t Wes Gibsons played his part on the team?

4:Why hasn’t harvey given us details on the case?

5: Does Lee Child work alone?

6: Everyone knows hat the cemetery is for the dead, has anybody tried to find out if any graves arent occupied by ghosts?

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