I will say if you havent listened to the song, please do. I must as well say i am not a fan of everything he releases but i do like a few like kigwa lero, Aida, Bikwase Kyagulanyi and Specioza.

Bobi is a sing- say artist for me (if the word exists but i intend to mean that i like how he sings like he isnt singing, tells a story (kadongo kamu style) only with tracks that just put the song to a different level. I dont know why he has refused to cross borders because i think he does well in swahili as well especially after the Paradiso song. But, i as well appreciate that he has built his local brand.

Now the song—-it tells a story of a girl he liked and because he was broke the babe preffered Bobi’s buddies to him because they had cars and all. So the one time specioza accepted him, it wasnt because she loved him and well he appreciates that he learnt something from her after all, maybe if she hadnt rejected him, he would have met one that would develop him……so if you are looking for something to listen to today or this week, try Sipe…

Did i mention the artist is brilliant an humble?

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