30 day challenge #1



Well, i will start with the 15 interesting facts not the picture. However they cant be 15 really, i dont think am that comical. I really have to think hard through all these facts. Well, i looked at these questions and thought Why not!

1: I love maize. Roasted, boiled, popcorn but i HATE hardcorns Jeez. I normally say maize is the only thing i want to crave when i concieve.

2: I love to write but i prefer to read other people’s work than my own

3: I studied Mass Communication, majored in print. I Finacial work pays my bills

4: I have a name only my primary one teacher knows. I said it once the class asked “what is that?” since then it qualified for a nickname

5: I have too many friends including taxi conductors and boda riders my mother keeps asking if i want to stand for mayor

6: I attended 7 schools in six years, Dont ask how i did it. I also do not know

7: One day i was accused of being a Lesbian by some babe in school because i was a tomboy. I am dying to meet her spouse so that she can prove am straight. Too straight at that

8: I have a very cool adopted sister we call Baaba and most of my life i thought Baaba was a name kumbe its a title where i come from

9: I have a real village that i have only visited for burials. Its very saddening that i have never stayed to enjoy it

10: I do love to dance even when i hardly know what new song Bafana has or Beyonce. I dance to everything. Traditional, local,…as long as its music and my body can move

11: I love to do spoken word, but it takes a village to have me memorise my own work. I prefer someone else reciting it

12: I love flowers

13: I like to sing but sadly i am not very talented. Actually i am not talented at all even the genda ogule emotoka guy sounds better. My brother often laughs at me when i sing 7 keys in one line. God knew hehe but the world would be dead if i was talented

14: I have struggled to make 13 facts basically dont ask for more

15: Dont be thirsty for more. I am no celeb my whole life cant be served in 15 facts ehh!

Now the picture, lets see…

kwanza Photo credit:Daron

mbirri: Temuwakana. how do you know its not me. is it you?



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