The meaning behind my blog name. Well,

1: initially i hadnt really made up mind on what i wanted to blog about. I just wanted to write. Then a friend of mine suggested word press and she knows how much i loved to write. I went to her office we brain stormed and weddings came up.and since while i worked in media i ran a column “walking down the aisle”. It was a good start So i wanted to write about everything marriage from dating to end of the road. However along the way i realised i Love love so it went down to everything connected to the heart and love. I love to critic as well especially music and fashion then i love to review books too. However i had already come up with a blog name KADALI = Veil

In Buganda when a woman is getting married the call the attire Kadali, (some people think the function is what they call kadali but no. Its the outfit)

2: I always dreamt of being a ghost writer (TVO. a guy in Uganda beat me to it) So KADALI was perfect. A veil=concealing/hiding/protecting  face. So KADALI means VEIL. If you folow my blog, you realise if i am discussing sense because where i come from freedom of writing is a myth, i conceal or i write in a way that veils up my piece. however that isnt necessarily because of the myth, Its also a skill i love to us. So, i made KADALIBLOG because KADALI as a word alone wasnt avaliable.

Therefore my blog name means veil/veiling/concealing/convering=VEIL

Romans 4:18 speak those things that are not as though they were 

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