30 day challenge #14


That has been the hardest picture to capture in the history of my family. You can never have everyone together at the same place, same time. I will paint the picture for you. I come from an extended family. The originals are 7 lovely people 2 girls and 5 boys. Both parents alive. My father is the family comedian. Oldest brother, everything arts and boxing,the rest are good worshippers. our father downloaded all Runyakore hymns into our brains at birth. So you could hire us for your function. We are good. We do English as well but keep it minimal if u need some kitagururo or keep it worship if you want to be immersed into the red sea. Not all of us have explored hillsongs also. Now the vampires that aren’t original are about 5 or more i only counted the ones of my years. We are one happy family.

2 thoughts on “30 day challenge #14

  1. I am a proud member of this family.
    My father is that Christian “who hates to bother God”(in his own words) he doesnot go to church often. However over the years I have learnt to know that fellowship between a human and his or her creator is more valuable than what the outside approves of.
    Sharon go ahead write more take me or us and the ones who follow this back to that small-big family.
    You will not believe it was what I was thinking last night” just how did daddy get all these hymns downloaded into our system with no effort whatsoever?” May be he will tell us.

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