30 day challenge #26


DAY 26

My friends are amazing. Now you see the other reason I didn’t share a picture of the cartels on Day 11 is because they are scattered. not one group picture. And they are grouped. i have the Elizabeth’s(the warriors, ones where i download issues and cry), The real cartels(the mad ones the ones that make me comfortable not being ordinary), The Ruth’s (the ones that walk a mile and go wherever and whenever). However they all fall in those brackets one way or another and they are (FRIENDS). Some have become Sisters. We pray we play, we cry, laugh. Today i will share some pics

2017-03-13 07.22.59 1.jpg

This Mrs. Up here has been in my life for over 14 years. Yes, u read right. 14years. She has is the calmer of the storm. That girl who prays for you even when you think you don’t need it. That girl that is silent for weeks but she knows how you are. (we just had a baby boy. A prophet and she will kill me for the picture.) She is a Ruth and an Elizabeth and a sister. This is Sisa, the girl that calms the storm in me.


first of all i am going to pay highly for using this photo. I mean i will pay heavily. But you can see, this is my Elizabeth+Cartel(picture speaks for itself). Crazy has never felt normal. She is sometimes a piece of work but well, whats the world without some noise.


Now lets start this one in line. Please not that if it’s a party and u see one of these, i should be around if i am not i give u permission to interrogate them. We are sisters, twins and all.

The Miss in red: its been over 20 years. we attended the same primary school and we were friends from day one till this day. We have our moments and we go silent after fights and cry and laugh but well we are here. Miss: Susanne. She is the disciplinarian. Get out of line, she has u grilled the next time she catches sight of you.She is amazing, She updates me on all the music I don’t know and by the way besides being old school, she knows the lyrics like she knows the dance moves. Elizabeth+Ruth+Cartel = 20years.

The Miss in Black: You aint Ugandan if you don’t know Kemi, She is the president. And Oh my God she can talk. I thought I spoke till i met her. She wore an afro in her natural hair, the day i first saw her, African sandles and a floral skirt.(endabada). She was screaming energy Jeez. She is the life and the life and the life. Its been close to 8 years now. We were roommates at campus. So imagine two parrots in a room. Love the same things, music, art, movies. Gene generally. She is very outspoken. We never mince words and yet she is a lover. She loves God as much as she loves speech .Elizabeth+Ruth+cartel+parrot =8

The Ms in Orange: Oh sweetness, if you have never known sweetness seasoned with soft-spoken + a calm madness, You need to meet  Pepe. She is as Patient as her name. Very realistic,very tender. You can almost think she has never raised her voice. Its Been 6 years of real friendship minus stalking each other. She is Elizabeth+Hannah+cartel and yes, if you ever land at a photography exhibition, she will be their, she loves to pose for pics.


My sister: This one is a life long partnership even death can’t handle. We are so stuck together

Now,(I didn’t think the post would be long but yes its worth it)

these below the pictures to use would have got me in jail.

Ndaula Omuyaye: You havent met adventure if you havent met Ndaula. Babe is too random. She can even convince you heaven is in egypt just to have you roll with her. She is a Ruth+Cartel=5 years

Debi: She is the smallest human i have ever seen(i must pay for the statement too) But full of life. she lives everyday like its her last. its been 10years of Dancing in the rain

Shamie: Out of sight isn’t out of mind. Despite the geographical location the 10 years have been worth the journey

Chacha: Another 10 years of madness. But growing up is a trap sincerely eh eh

But now looks like I shall just list down Annie the celeb, Jenny the one i stalk a lot hmm, Brenda, the one that baptizes me with names daily. I appreciate each of you, I love you jealously. And will love you harder even.

The Fallen Friends Loy and Fiona of whom the world wasnt worthy.

The prayer warriors #CookOut team. I bless the lord for you all. And one day when I am famous and they ask me “how do you keep it together?”. I will respond. “it’s never together, i havent reached that perfection, But i have a Family, a Team, Friends, Cartels who make sure i don’t fall apart or lose my head. But mostly as much as we have each other, We have God.”

(i just remembered that my goal isn’t to be famous but leave a legacy you will all be proud to associate with.)






3 thoughts on “30 day challenge #26

  1. Hi, Kadali. I love your funny post and friends. I’m sure your friends won’t murder you. Hahaha one of my favorite parts: “So imagine two parrots in a room”. I have friends like that too. You all look really pretty in those bright dresses. Nice to meet you. I’m Renata, from Brazil. You are the first Ugandan I speak to and I’m very excited about it because one of my intents here in WordPress is to get to know as many people as possible from different countries. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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