30 Day Challenge #30



You people praise God! We have come to the end of this Challenge. Thank you for staying with me.

Now, my Favorite song. Now, my favorite(s)

Well, i dont have one. my favorite comes with a season. I will Say my top 5 Favs of all time. so please allow me

1: Just as i am: This hymn reminds me that i was never the best neither am i the best. Never the less, he has loved me just as i am

2: Have you ever – Brandy: I aint sure why i loved the song but it related so much and it still does, it spoke to me. Its better to have lost than never to have loved at all.

3: Austin-Blake: Haaa when love speaks it speaks, sometimes love breaks you but it feels God when someone u love is waiting on the other side

4: My faith has found a resting place: Hymn. i love the Runyankore version it lifts me “Nkabon;oburuhukiro, omuri yesu kristo. Niwe wenk’ou nyesiga ahabw’enkojo ze. Tiiyine ki naakuhayo,kuunyihah’orubanja,kureka mukama wangye, yes’owambambiirwe.”  I was four when my father taught me the song, i have grown to understand the meaning and we are inseparable

5:Waters run dry Boyz 2 men: This i dont know why but i can listen to it over and over again

Every DAY Track: Pour my love on you and Midnight oil by Phillip Craig&Dean These are Anthems

Local Favs Nategedde by Kenzo and Kankwekumire by Angela Kalule

You realise i listen to lots of oldies by now i guess. Thank you for loving the blog keep reading. Thank you.


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