Dear P,

How have you been? I hope Easter came with a couple of eggs and triple blessings. So, Where do I start this season?. … Lets see.

Once upon a time we owned a library, I never borrowed any books, i however loved to just seat down in between the shelves to read. I would come back until the book was done and would move to the next. I hardly read the same book twice even when it taught me something. So that is how it feels, felt. Being drowned into something for a while then walk out and only return when you need to copy something or remind yourself of something within that particular book. The book never moved, I did. It always waited, hoping one day maybe just once i would carry it out with me but that day never arrived. However, when i need to soothe or relax my mind i did go back. (that means it was a good read). Then one day i walked off, changed libraries and took a long while. Then i needed another book and my old abandoned library had it, soon as i stepped in, the attendant said, “Wow! its been long since i last saw you around. We did miss you.”. I smiled. I asked about the book and she directed me. Soon as i finished i was out. she asked if i would return the next day, i said i wasnt sure. “maybe, i cant promise”. She said, ‘it got empty here, we enjoyed having you around but then when you stopped coming we didn’t even know how to find you anymore’.

I looked down blankly at her, “I will be back but i cant promise when and we shall talk.” she believed me. Its been a couple of years and the most i do is look at the library from a distance and go away. The books loved me, the empty rows enjoyed me, but i left just like that.

So what was I saying, Its been a while since i last wrote to you, But i am not actually writing to you. I am writing to your heart. I am writing to your company. The book you left, no longer seats at that shelf. The Library changed. It moved and only Book banks are allowed to keep it.




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