He held unto her,

clinging unto his pain

gathering all strength

he supported her and loved her

they told him, love wins

he loved her but she kept looking away

Is this what Hosea felt for Gomer?

he wondered

Is this how God has loved me?

have I been this elusive to God.

He loved her believing she will change

while they dated and courted,

their love blossomed

his heart was full of joy

and one day, after baby number one

she became restless and unhappy

post maternal depression had taken toil on her

he was too busy to notice

she sought other ways to help her heal

sought attention else where

and just when she was at the verge,

he came home. He loved her

He loved her the way he should have

he wished he had been consistent

but Work made its demands.

she was wrong and empty

he found her and held her hand

his love never left, he just got busy.

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