That Day…

I sat down and thought about my flag.It was at half mast when I passed Kampala road. Dirty and abandoned. It looked very orphaned. I went home and switched on my father’s television. The headlines read “Baganye Okuwozza” meaning they refused to go to trial. Any way I wanted to know more so i looked for Bukkedde and read. It so happened that they had reason to refuse. Some were in Jail the day the clouds grew grey and the days were dark for our national security, but they were however, suspects in the murder. The Members of parliament and ministry of Internal affairs summoned the head and were questioning how that happens, why suspects were paraded before media before, why some religious leaders have more security than those that ought to have it. For the first time, i notices our MPs have a bit of sense okay.

The #6billion made news and one person said there was a conflict of interest in the case therefore the results we all expect could not come the way we expected. A professor was denied bail. A month later the application was tabled and she came to court sick. One soldier was wondering why a soldier heads police when police and the army are trained different.  Children became the target to get parents hurt.  I read about one who was burnt with Acid(I am still puzzled at how ruthless the world gets). Internet has ruined us. You know that part were the bible says, “you don’t continue to sin because grace abounds” I think we should behave the same especially on social media. Do not step on people’s rights Just because it’s a democratic state. Speaking of the state, I wonder why and how……(I was warned. I never want to be on the state’s wanted list. so back to things i don’t understand. Religion is to politics as politics is to religion. I hope our church leaders know the impact. (give to God what is of God). Learn to separate salt and water i would say. Speaking of politics…What is the difference between a leader and a politician?. Artists are joining politics but they are leaders not politicians. True they could have the bigger voice, But where does this get us as a country to. It means some people have failed at what they need to do or signed up to do so others have to do it for them (who even came up with this whole legislative thing.) Anyway, Do not let language take you off the Grand plan. Preach Christ’s death and resurrection. Let Politicians preach the politics. After all these Headlines, i received a forwarded chain text about the Rapture (Game Over).

The Rapture, the Rapture, The Rapture, I want to be among the number but the standard is Perfection when it comes to things that aren’t of the world. I thought and Thought and later rested my head. I have been hearing about the Rapture 2 months in a row.

Once upon a time I was in a relationship, one I didn’t have a lot of voice in, one that was of the law and rod and…..Their was no way out. It was a blood covenant or something like that and once a wise man said to me, “There’s no covenant if blood isn’t involved. Convenant=blood shed even as a drop”. He took me back to the bible covenants and all had a blood element. Now i sit down at the window seat of my favorite coffee shop, admiring flowers at the flower shop opposite as i  sip slowly on my coffee, waiting, watching and praying. Eno Uganda Y’ani!!


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